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Performers & Creative Artists

"I can honestly say that Steve made it very easy for me to feel comfortable being open and honest."

Yoga Practice

Working as a performer or creative artist has its own unique set of challenges. I know this first-hand after many years in the music and theatre industries, performing, writing and working in collaboration with creative artists.


After experiencing my share of the highs and lows of being a performer I was confronted, through injury, with having to give up my life as a musician, something which had seemed unimaginable to me.


Working with a counsellor gave me the opportunity to find acceptance of what happened, to get to know myself at a much deeper level, with an understanding of the unconscious behaviours which had often held me back. Gradually, what had been my greatest adversity became my springboard to growth and a more fully-functioning life. This experience inspired me to train as a therapist, so that I could help others to find their way towards accepting and embracing challenges and change in their lives.


Whether it be career worries, low self-esteem, performance anxiety, addiction, problematic relationships, retirement, illness or injury, creative blocks, procrastination or managing your inner critic, we can work together to explore and process your own experiences in order to move forward in the best way for you.

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